People's Piano

A learning kit designed to help non-musical adults quickly take their first steps playing music.

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Merging tactile and digital components, it is an affordable, comprehensive system designed to help students lacking conviction, means, or both to overcome the common hurdles preventing adults from starting to play music.

This project, currently in advanced physical iteration phase, is the result of extensive study of playful learning methods, musical pedagogy and instructional design, and it takes as a basis the idea that music-making is an enriching and wonderful activity to partake in.

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The kit’s physical component is a set of wooden pieces. Once assembled by the user and hooked up to a phone, it forms a fully playable musical keyboard, which mimics the feeling of playing a real piano. A companion mobile app contains learning games designed for casual learning, aimed at establishing a quick and strong relationship to the piano/keyboard interface, as well as musical notation.

The kit is comprised of three octaves, that are each assembled individually. The first octave’s games teach the sol clef. Once these levels are overcome, students are prompted to add the second, lower octave, which is used to learn the bass clef. Once this clef is mastered, the third octave is added for more complex lessons. Beating all the levels means one is ‘ready’ for a real instrument and/or instructor.

Besides overcoming logistical hurdles of instrument and instructor, PP’s unique look and feel help counter what is possibly the most central hurdle stopping moderately motivated adults from picking up an instrument: social stigma.

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